Finessse Worm

6 inch Finesse Worm. 10 per pack

The Ultimate Finesse Style Bait.

The Finesse Worm truly has no limit to its utilization. It consistently proves successful year round in an abundance of applications and all types of water conditions.

This bait can be especially productive during the spawn when bedding females won't look at anything else, and in the immediate post-spawn when aggressive cruising bucks leave their beds. The reserved profile is less likely to frighten fish that may be easily spooked which helps generate bites from those finicky bass.

Our Finesse Worms have been particularly successful when paired with the 1/4 oz. KBD  Football Head. The longer screw lock feature on our Football Heads creates the ultimate weedless experience, allowing anglers to utilize this set-up anywhere from 2 ft. shallows to transitional areas in 35 ft. of water and deeper. This rig accentuates the ridged body and plump tail of the Finesse Worm producing an erratic action that predatory bass simply cant resist.