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KBD Baits Founder - Kevin Badgett

The experience and knowledge acquired and passed down through the last three generations has provided the rock-solid foundation upon which KBD Baits has emerged.

More than 60 years of combined fishing experience has taught us to fish our own fish, match the hatch, and throw what we think is going to work.

-senko before the senko sentence

-ned rig before the ned rig sentence

-neko, wacky, etc... (Use Kevin's extensive knowledge of the past and how the bassing sport developed)


KBD Family Business


Co-Founder - Cody Badgett


My dad and I both share a passion for honing in on the bass and developing consistent patterns that keep us reeling in the fish.

We decided to build KBD Baits on the principle that we could provide other passionate fisherman with highly customizable and super unique baits to get that extra edge no matter the conditions.