Cali Curly Tail

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4" California Curly Tail Grub. 12 per pack.

The KBD Cali Curly Tail is a must have for fisherman targeting Small Mouth and Spotted Bass. Equipped with the outstanding thumping tail action the curly tail is known for makes this bait irresistible to Bass feeding on crawfish and baitfish alike. 

The Cali Curly Tail is excellent for producing bites from other species as well such as Speckled Sea Trout on coastal waters, and Walleye in fresh environments. The Cali Curly works well on Darter Heads, Ball Head Jigs, Swimbait Jigheads, with a living rubber skirt, and as a trailer for Swim jigs and Bladed jigs.

The difference between the Cali Curly and a regular single tail grub is noticeable when laid side-by-side. The tail of the Cali Curly has a wide base which produces that incredible thumping action when in motion, making it an effective choice for clear, rocky, deep reservoirs and lakes.