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3 inch Ned Rig Bait. 10 per bag.

The LTD is a must-have for those that fish the Ned Rig. The Ned can produce fish year round, especially in colder water temps when the bass move to deeper structure offshore. 

The small profile of the floating LTD works well with a flat jig head anywhere between 3/32 oz to 1/4 oz depending on depth and conditions. This set-up produces a short and chunky stick bait that stands up on the bottom, swimming through the water when you bump it, and landing head down mimicking the natural feeding process of many varieties of prey bass feed on.

This set-up also works well to agitate bass on bed, produce falling strikes from roaming bass, and jigging on deep schools of fish. 

Don't let the LTD's small size fool as it can produce some really big bites from larger, more suspicious fish because it is less likely to spook them with its smaller profile.