Screw-Lock Football Heads

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KBD Screw-Lock Football Heads.

3 per pack.

Currently offered in two sizes (3/8 oz. and 1/4 oz.), our football heads come equipped with a traditional 4/0 sized Mustad hook and a longer, sturdier screw-lock feature that secures your bait in place with ease, making them perfect to test out a new creature bait in any depth of water.

KBD's line of Football Heads are great for shaky head style presentations with those larger worms, and the screw-lock allows for effortless weedless rigging.

Sometimes when it seems like nothing is working between the transition from Fall to Winter, pair these Football Heads with a 5 inch Quiver Stick in Green-Pumpkin Black or Junebug and watch the pattern come to life.

One of our personal favorite ways to utilize this piece of terminal is the 3/8 oz. size in the Crackle Craw variant with a curly tail or twin tail grub.